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LEED Communities Deploying Regenerative Solutions

May 5, 2023, 1:00 - 2:00 PM ET

GBCI Continuing Education: LEED Green Associate, LEED AP ND

Globally, 105 LEED for Communities projects are meeting goals in sustainability, equity, net zero, smart city strategies, circularity, resilience, health and safety. In this webinar, USGBC and GBCI representatives from various regional markets will showcase projects creating continuous improvement on these priorities.

The following projects, as well as others, are showcased:

Mixed-use developments like Hillcrest in St. Paul, Minnesota, onMain in Dayton, Ohio, and MIND in Milan, Italy.

The Siemens headquarters in Berlin, Germany.

Airports in San Francisco, CA, and Atlanta, GA, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines.

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