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Engage at the leading-edge of green products, tech & services

Join USGBC and 300+ of your colleagues for the 2nd annual Product Solutions Summit + Showcase! Together we’ll explore noteworthy sustainable products that reduce negative impacts and increase LEED performance in health, resilience, equity, energy, water, waste, carbon, and human experience. Think best elevator pitch ever, speed greening, professional connections, plus educational sessions all rolled up in one.

Taking place over two half-days, this interactive event will include thought leadership panels, LEED case studies, peer-to-peer workshops, product presentations, and virtual booths. Attendees will gain insight into the vast array of different green building and sustainable products, while also having the opportunity to take deeper dives into specific concepts and best practices by engaging with industry experts. We will discuss how LEED credits are evolving and how they can be achieved and identify tools for further incorporate sustainability into your projects. Continuing education credits will be available.

Early bird pricing is available through July 14

USGBC Members - $20

Nonmembers - $40

After July 14

USGBC Members - $40

Nonmembers - $60

Students/Emerging Professionals - $10

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You are invited to be a part of bringing this impactful event to the sustainable building industry. Sign on today as a sponsor and receive exclusive benefits, including opportunities to present or host a virtual booth. Help us spread the word as an official promotional partner or use the resources in our media kit to let your networks know about the event.


The Products Solution Summit on Aug. 9-10 includes an additional showcase platform offering virtual exhibit space to highlight your products and services during the event and throughout the nest year. Check out our showcase participants here or through the Cvent platform.   

The program begins at 10 am PT | 11 am MT | 12 pm CT | 1 pm ET each day.

Welcome and Summit Introduction

Aug 9, 2023, 1:00 - 1:15 pm ET

Wicked Problems | Scalable Solutions

Aug 9, 2023, 1:15 - 2:15 pm ET

Our built environment uses products and materials–we can’t get around that. We need walls, floors, roofs and furniture to build and fill our buildings. The evolution of products has come a long way and we continue to seek solutions and opportunities to create and use sustainable materials, especially for some of our toughest challenges–roofing, flooring, textiles. Join this session to learn more about the ways sustainability leaders are creating greener, healthier materials and how they are ensuring the life cycle of a product is environmentally responsible.

GBCI credit: Approved for LEED specific BD+C, ID+C, Green Associate.

Case Study: Armstrong

Aug 9, 2:20 - 2:50 pm ET

Armstrong created the SUSTAIN program to help practitioners meet the requirements of the LEED Materials & Resources credits. In this session we’ll learn more about how Armstrong as a manufacturer is working with project teams to ensure sustainable, healthy selections in materials and uses. We’ll also here from the Sheward Partnership who used the principles in the SUSTAIN program to help select products and practices for their headquarters which achieved LEED v4 ID+C: Commercial Interiors, Platinum in March of 2023.

GBCI credit: Approved for LEED specific BD+C, ID+C, Green Associate.

Speed Greening

Aug 9, 2:50 - 3:20 pm ET

During this rapid-fire session, you will hear from 5 different vendors about their products and services.

LEED Credit Spotlight: Material Ingredients Disclosure & Optimization

Aug 9, 3:30 - 4:30 pm ET

LEED v4/4.1 has a credit specifically focused on Material Health, the Material Ingredients Disclosure and Optimization Credit.
With the information tools now available to practitioners, it has become cost-effective and straightforward to do the work needed to make products and projects meet the requirements of the LEED MI credit, without needing to first become a material health expert. This presentation will address the capabilities that are available in 2023 that streamline and simplify screening products for the LEED MI credit and bring doing this within the reach of any manufacturer or project team. Learn how products can comply with the MI Credit requirements. Additionally, learn how the growth of material health disclosures, such as the HPD, has made it easy for project teams to find compliant products and qualify for this credit.

GBCI credit: Approved for LEED specific BD+C, ID+C, Green Associate.

Showcase Spotlight

Aug 9, 4:30 - 5:00 pm ET

Welcome and Introduction

Aug 10, 2023, 1:00 - 1:10 pm ET

LEED Materials and Resources: Then, Now, Tomorrow

Aug 10, 1:10 - 1:40 pm ET

Greenbuild has promised to feature many insights into the upcoming LEED v5. Over the years, the Materials and Resources credits for BD+C, ID+C, O+M have evolved. Let’s take a look at key points that have built and influenced this category over the years. The program will include a look at ways to meet these credits and a look into what’s being considered when evolving the credit area. Plus, an overall insight into Greenbuild. This deep dive will strengthen the understanding of the importance of green and healthy products and materials in our building stock from our experts in the area.

GBCI credit: Approved for LEED specific BD+C, ID+C, O+M, Green Associate.

More Speed Greening

Aug 10, 1:45 - 2:15 pm ET

During this rapid-fire session, you will hear from 5 different vendors about their products and services.

Case Study: Epic Cleantec Water Reuse Systems

Aug 10, 2:15 - 2:45 pm ET

Communities across the country are facing rising water and sewer rates and changing weather patterns that straining the already ailing water infrastructure – from water scarcity and extreme drought to storms and flooding across the U.S. To combat these water supply challenges, cities across the nation are looking to implement new water reuse programs that can help disproportionally impacted communities.

Epic’s emergence as a national leader in onsite water reuse with San Francisco’s first permitted and city-approved onsite greywater reuse operation in Related California's newly opened Fifteen Fifty, a 40-story residential high-rise building will be used as a learning tool in this program. This project is on track to reuse up to 2.5 million gallons of water annually, a significant reduction of the building’s water footprint and an important statement as California grapples with a prolonged period of drought.

GBCI credit: Approved for LEED specific BD+C, ID+C, Green Associate.

Best Practices: Tools to Help Meet Your Sustainability Goals

Aug 10, 2:55 - 3:55 pm ET

Join USGBC, One Click LCA, Cerclos and Autocase as they evaluate tools and practices used to vet the embodied and operational carbon at the early planning and conceptual design stage. This session will highlight how important tools can be used to design for carbon reductions with a focus on the triple bottom line. We will discuss practical examples that will offer insight into tools that can support informing building design and how these tools support achieving several LEED credits.

GBCI credit: Approved for LEED specific BD+C, Green Associate.

Final Showcase Spotlight

Aug 10, 3:55 - 4:30 pm ET

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