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Are you eager to attend the USGBC IMPACT Conference but need to make a compelling case to your supervisor? We've got you covered with a persuasive plan to highlight the conference's value and secure your participation: 

Demonstrating value to your organization:

  • Emphasize how your participation is an investment in both your professional development and the success of your organization. 

  • Commit to sharing the knowledge and insights you gain with your colleagues, showcasing your commitment to enhancing team performance. 

  • Study the Education Sessions (sessions will be coming soon) and choose those that directly align with your professional role and your organization's specific objectives (education program details will be available soon). 

  • If you are responsible for procurement within your organization, browse the Exhibitor List to identify suppliers offering products and services relevant to your needs. Include these vendors in your written plan for discussion with your supervisor. 

  • If budget constraints are a concern, consider quantifying the value of your attendance. Highlight potential cost savings you might negotiate through Expo deals or cost-cutting techniques learned in education sessions. 


Sharing the education opportunities:

  • Highlight the practical benefits of attending the conference, including the acquisition of new skills, innovative solutions, and industry best practices. 

  • Emphasize the opportunity to earn valuable Continuing Education (CE) hours, supporting your professional credentials and that it is essential to remain eligible for licensure and certification. 

  • Stress the significance of staying up-to-date with industry trends and knowledge to remain competitive and valuable in your role. 

Crunch the numbers and showcase the return on investment (ROI):

  • Use the Cost and Budget analysis to break down the expenses associated with your attendance, demonstrating responsible budgeting practices. 

  • Early Registration Discount: Mention the confidence pricing discount available if you register by December 31, 2023. This showcases your commitment to cost-efficiency and prudent financial planning. 

Networking and building relationships:

  • Mention the potential to expand your professional network and collaborate with like-minded individuals, a key asset in today's professional landscape. 

  • Stress the significance of connecting with industry experts, peers, and potential partners during the conference and at the conference's Women in Green Luncheon and IMPACT Party. 

Post-conference reporting:

  • Reassure your supervisor that you'll provide a comprehensive post-conference report detailing your activities and the knowledge gained. 

  • This report will serve as a tangible demonstration of the value your attendance brought to your organization. 

By utilizing these key points and customizing them to your unique situation, you'll be well-prepared to articulate the benefits of attending the USGBC IMPACT Conference and secure your spot. It's an investment in your professional growth, your organization's success, and a sustainable future. 

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